So, you decided to take the plunge and get yourself a spray tan. Now what? Knowing where to begin regarding your spray tan venture is just as important as the steps you take after.

Follow these steps and get that natural, sun-kissed glow you crave!


Having skin freshly cleansed and exfoliated is a must before getting colored with any UV-Free tanning solution. Scrubbing away any dry skin you may have pre-tan is essential in the development of an evenly-distributed sunless tan. Tanning solutions tend to stick to dry skin; therefore, it is critical to take before-care seriously for an even and natural-looking tan.

Exfoliating the Skin

The smoother your skin is, the more even and natural-looking your sunless tan will turn out. Therefore, ensure that you exfoliate your skin before your tanning session. Experts suggest scrubbing away any dead skin cells up to two days prior the service.

We at Oasis Tanning always recommend going beyond just using your loofah to exfoliate. Instead, combine your usual loofah-wash with an exfoliating sugar scrub before your shower. Peep our article on Oasis’ DIY Sugar Scrub for the ultimate pre-spray indulgence. (Tip: Use this on dry skin before your shower. You won’t regret it!).

Hair Removal

For obvious reasons, it is not recommended you shave or wax after receiving your spray tan. Experts suggest removing any body hair from hot wax to be executed at least one week before your spray session. Shaving can be done up to two days prior.

Avoiding the Barrier:

As important it is to exfoliate your skin before your sunless tanning session, it is just as important not to have any product left on your body. This could be a lotion, makeup, deodorant, etc. This is due to how the products mentioned above serve as barriers between your skin and the tanning solution itself. Faux-tanning solutions interact with your skin’s PH to produce your choice of the desired color. When there is a product on your skin, it prevents the solution from being applied evenly and adequately. Instead, what occurs is an uneven distribution of the solution leading to blotchy, uneven and lighter-than-desired color.

In short, think of spray tan is a form of painting; you wouldn’t begin a new project on a dirty, already-used canvas, would you?

What to Wear

Dark and loose-fitting clothing. No skin-tight attire such as spandex, tight sports bras, leggings, etc. Instead, shoot for light, big t-shirts and pants.

It is important to note that although it is rare, you may risk our solution rubbing off on your clothes. With this said, grab old clothing you don’t mind staining. If you can’t avoid using newer clothing, no sweat - our solution washes out of all clothing, hair, and bedding.

If you decide to use a bathing suit or undergarments, go for the older, worn-out kind. When you wear such clothing in our spray booth, there is no way of avoiding the solution not getting on them. Therefore, we suggest using older items which you won’t mind getting colored.

For women, we highly suggest not placing a bra on post-spray session. This is because underwire runs the risk of rubbing the solution off before it begins setting into your skin, ultimately leading uneven color in undesirable areas of your body.

Likewise, men should avoid tight boxers, shirts, etc. after their spray session.

** It is important to note that you should not be exercising, outdoor tanning or participating in any other activity that causes skin perspiration or wetness after your spray session. More details regarding this can be found in our subsequent blog post, “Post-Sunless Tanning Care.”

Oasis Tanning employees are always ready and equipped to answer your questions or concerns regarding our Norvell Sunless Spray Tanning experience. Call our Massapequa or Miller Place stores to learn more about our sunless tan offering and schedule your appointment today!

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