Pro Tip #2: Quality Over Quantity

Rule #2: Quality over quantity.

Using a quality lotion is a critical component of developing an even, long-lasting and glowing skin tone.

But, how exactly do you know which lotion is considered 'good quality'?

With an abundance of indoor tanning products, always shoot to purchase at your local salon. Not only can we educate you on the best possible lotion for your skin type and darkness desire, but you can also trust that the lotion has been safely created with proper quality and fresh ingredients, sealed and distributed by a reputable company.

At Oasis Tanning, we partner with only the best of lotion manufacturers. Companies we have trusted for the 16+ years we have been in business.

Although it is certainly tempting to reach for the cheaper, online alternatives, treating your skin with a high-quality lotion will not only make you develop a beautiful, natural-looking bronze but also protect your skin from the risk of absorbing toxic chemicals.

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