Pro Tip #3: Remove the Excess

Rule #3: Remove Makeup, Deodorant and Oils

Remove makeup carefully before indoor tanning – trust us, your skin will appreciate it! Even the most delicate of cosmetic ingredients can irritate skin when exposed to UV light. Furthermore, ingredients found in some of the most common makeup products are harmful to your skin’s barrier when exposed to the intensity of indoor tanning rays.

Remove makeup to prevent burning and irritation by removing makeup before coming to visit us. Don’t have time? We provide baby wipes in each of our rooms for your use.

Similar to those irritants found in your makeup, your deodorant runs you an increased risk of chemical absorption and burn. Take a moment before tanning to grab a washcloth, some soapy water and scrub off any deodorant you may have applied that day.

Additionally, it is important to make aware certain body oils, and acne medication (oral and topical) can increase your risk of burning and irritation while in our beds. Consult with your doc if you’re unsure which products you can cause harm to your skin when exposed to sunlight.

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