Pro Tip #4: Use Proper Protection

Rule #4: Use Proper Protection

As far as what to wear in a tanning bed or booth, that comes down to personal preference. However, there are some things to consider when making this decision.

For one, if you tend to burn quickly, you may want to use something to cover the more sensitive areas of your body – think those areas not regularly exposed to the sun (stomach, underarms, etc.) You can do so by using one of the complementary towels we provide in each of our rooms, or by wearing a bathing suit or other articles of clothing of your choice.

Note: as if you were in soaking in the sun outdoors, the areas which you cover will not tan – be mindful of this if you want to avoid tan lines!

Oasis Tip: Want to protect lighter areas of your body still while still having them tan? Alternate the areas which you cover in increments of 4 minutes or so. For example, if you are wanting to avoid burning your stomach, place a towel over it for 4 minutes, take it off for 2-4, place towel back on for the remainder of your tanning session, and vice versa.

Protecting your skin is one thing, protecting your eyes is another. Oasis Tanning enforces all customers to wear protective eyewear when utilizing our indoor tanning equipment.

Oasis Tip: Purchase your eyewear with ease right in our salon! Inquire with an Oasis Tanning salon consultant to grab yourself one today!

Not interested? No worries, Oasis provides all customers with disposable EZ-Eyes, an eye protection alternative that works hard to protect your delicate eyes against UVA and UVB rays by 100%. No raccoon eyes, string or nose bridge lines!

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