Why 'Patience is Key' When Indoor Tanning

Whether you consider yourself a newbie or a pro, you should always practice the ‘Golden 5’ rules of tanning. For this series, Oasis gives you the scoop on the top, five rules to follow when gaining your glow.

For this post, we will focus on the first of the seven rules:

Rule #1: patience is key - A Good Tan Takes Time.

Many come to our salon wanting immediate, bronze results. Sadly, it takes time to develop that desired, golden-hued glow. With this said, you should always start your tanning endeavors with a low/mid-pressure bulb option.

At Oasis Tanning, we offer the 'Elixir as a laydown option and The Perfect 10 for those of you that would rather stand up while soaking in the rays. For our Elixir bed, the highest amount of time you can tan is 15 minutes long and 12 minutes for The Perfect 10.

After carefully evaluating your skin tone, one of our highly education salon consultants will suggest the best amount of time for your skin that will be both effective and safe (to prevent any burning). Generally, your first few tanning sessions should be 5-8 minutes, increasing with each visit.

Do not try to tan over a burn; this will not make you darken quicker; it will only delay the development thereof. If you did burn – even slightly – the longer you wait between each session is better. Generally, we recommend waiting 48 hours minimum before you resume your tanning process if burning occurs.

* Please note per New York State law, all customers, both experienced and new, must wait a minimum of 24 hours between each tanning session. This does not apply to customers utilizing our UV-free spray tanning services.

Curious to know what's next on the list? Pop over to Golden Rule #2 here.

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